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Over 13 years in the market providing innovative automation solutions focused on operational efficiency. Learn more about our performance and how we help institutions in different markets.


For over 13 years, Simply has been providing innovative solutions for banks and financial institutions specific problems, delivering operational agility and efficiency. All in accordance with Central Bank, GDPR and Compliance rules. We provide solutions for fast and simple data capture, electronic analysis of the main documents used by banks, automation of operational flows and robotization of key queries on internal and external websites.

Our goal is to provide a truly digital operation for banks through full automation of registration, onboarding and formalization processes. We have experience and a consulting team specialized in these processes for operations of opening individual and corporate digital account, consigned payroll loan, personal loan, credit card application, among other operations.


Automation of client registration process in the health insurance plan, medical appointments or scheduling laboratory tests.

Simply solutions deliver agility and ensure all activities are duly performed, reducing queues and increasing customer satisfaction and operational security.


Automation of subscribers and claim registration processes for fast and secure documents registration and pre-analysis.

Robust solution parameterizable according to the operational procedures. Allows you to build flows according to the insurance industry-specific regulations and business rules.

Foreign exchange

Fast and secure automation of transactions in the foreign exchange segment, meeting the compliance and risk requirements, such as the PLD (Money Laundering Prevention) rules.

By delivering increased operational efficiency, Simply solutions enable reduced customer acquisition cost and operation scalability, ensuring that all necessary verification activities are conducted.

Digital certification

Automation of the digital certification register leads to faster service time at the store and increases the operation scalability.

In S-Forms, data and documents are previously captured and sent to S-Works for analysis automation. Your customer will go to the store just to register biometrics and confirm acceptance.

Utilities – electric power, gas and water

Automation of the utility virtual portal processes. Digital capture and analysis of services that require submission of documents and information, such as change of the client’s name, change or update registration and proof of payment. 

These operations require agility by reducing manual activities to avoid fines and improve the customer experience.

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