Electronic document analysis


Reduce document analysis time and manual effort in your onboarding processes.

Learn about the solution that has redefined onboarding and registration operations!

∴ Electronic classification and sorting of all operation documents;

∴ Image Handling – Allows placing two documents on the same page, applies contrasts and rotates the document;

∴ Facematch: comparison of photos (photo of the document to the selfie or an image from its base);

∴ Information extraction – structured OCR and ICR;

∴ Validation of checkbox completion;

∴ Validation of signature completion;

∴ Main public documents already mapped, under constant optimization and training;

∴ Allows mapping and training (with Artificial Intelligence) new documents according to your operation needs;

∴ Risk analysis for ID card – Score.

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Identifies the document, extracts information and performs the facematch in seconds! Get scalability and security in your company’s digital and traditional operations.

Increased productivity


Operation scalability

Best customer experience

Operational efficiency

Document Identification

Make sure that the image sent by your customer is in fact the required document. In seconds, Atomics automatically identifies and classifies all submitted documents without the need for manual sorting! Know the documents which were already mapped.

Structured Data Extraction

Speed up analysis and validation of information contained in documents!

Atomics is designed to extract information from complex documents and numbers handwritten in forms using OCR and Artificial Intelligence technology in a structured (interpreted) manner.

Use the extracted information to automate your operation activities!

Learn more about Simply S-Works.

Smart Validations

Use technology to check whether fields of your document (contract, membership instrument or forms) are completed or signed!

Atomics checks completion of fields, including checkbox, signature completion, and cases of illiterate people (which requires digital thumb and witnesses’ signatures).

The solution also allows creation of rules so that data extraction is made according to the fields’ contents.

Risk Analysis and Fraud

Validate the document electronically and reduce fraud!

Atomics performs document quality validation and risk analysis by checking security items such as coat of arms, name of the authority and government body.


Compare photos quickly!

The solution enables identity validation by comparing the customer photo to the photo contained in the document or its image base.

The OCR Revolution

Artificial Intelligence + OCR + ICR + Cloud

Over 390 documents already mapped

ID card, driving license, Brazilian Individual Taxpayers’ Register, Vehicle Licensing Certificate; proof of address; certificate of birth and marriage; paychecks; professional membership documents; bank statements; articles of association, among others.

In addition, we provide training on your customized documents.

High performance and scalability

High recognition rates (98%) and extraction quality. High processing power, allowing your operation to have scalability and agility within the response time.

We have already processed over 65 million pages of documents!

SaaS Software

No need to worry about documents mapping and solution training.

We use techniques of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Triangulation, metadata and proprietary algorithms to ensure responsiveness and security your operation needs.

Keep the simple and transfer the complex to us!


electronically recognized documents

seconds per page

documents processed per month


Financial market:

Opening of corporate and individual digital account, consigned payroll loan; credit card application; loan formalization; registration in general.


Tests authorization; patient registration; health insurance claims.


Register for purchase of currency; subscriber’s and insurance broker register; claim request.

Other markets:

Foreign exchange; digital certification; utilities (electric power, gas and water); universities; transport; credit union.

Award winning solution!

Did you know that the Atomics predecessor solution, DEX, received an award in 2013 granted by CIAB FEBRABAN Innovation Space, the largest technology event for the financial market?

After the award, we decided to use Artificial Intelligence and other techniques and designed the Atomics solution!

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