Data and document capture

FrontBank: A complete and robust data capture for complex operations such as consigned payroll loans.

S-Forms: a simple and objective data capture without Application!

That’s it: frictionless, barrier-free and flexible!

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S-Forms: Data Capture without application

Capture data and documents in a simple and customized manner!

Whether through a link or integrated into your system, your customer can start a capture from any device.

S-Forms can operate as a supplement to your current capture devices.

Geolocation Recognition


Customized Forms

Does not use the mobile phone memory

Captures documents photo

Responsive (smartphone, tablet or desktop)

Selfie capture

Does not require Android or IOS updates

Our objective is to create the best experience for your customer without installing any apps!

frontbank: proposals origination

Complete and robust data capture for complex operations such as consigned payroll loans.

Complete data capture for consigned payroll loan, personal loan and private pension.

Flexibility and security in parameterization (more than 150 parameters and business rules).

Automatic calculations for simulations

Allows integration with legacy systems

Traceability: Logs register and 2-step approval


Follow-up of the proposal status


Native integration with Simply products for underwritting

Usability: ensures data quality and avoids inconsistencies

Increase proposals origination efficiency and productivity


Financial market:

Opening digital account; loans; credit card application; registration in general.


Subscriber’s register; claim request.


Tests authorization; patient registration; health insurance claims.

Other markets:

Foreign exchange; digital certification; utilities (electric power, gas and water); universities; transport; credit union.

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